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How many movie stills will it take you to get the correct answer? Stills is a simple game that challenges you to guess the movie name by simply providing 3 pics from the movie. You can get more hints to help you out, or even skip the movie if its too hard for you.

Put you bollywood knowledge to the test and get recommendations for what to watch over the next weekend! This app should keep you busy for the upcoming months :)


Laughs will try and make you laugh with jokes from varied domains (Santa banta / Ranjikant / Hindi (chutkule) / Garhwali jokes and more categories are added over time).

The best way to get the gist it by trying it out. It's FREE!


Facts is an app that allows you to browse through facts for a given day. You'll also be able to save or share the fact if you like the fact for a particular day. You also have the control to refresh the fact for any given day.

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